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Nicki's Testimonials

Nicki is incredible, kind, and compassionate and she always sees the highest version of me. I have worked with her through many stages of my life but the most impactful was her ability to help me reconnect to myself, find my inner confidence, and see my own value in my personal relationships. I went from feeling disappointed and confused to fully trusting that the right person to enter my life in divine timing. -KA
Let me start by saying, Nicki is a GEM in this world who genuinely cares and wants the best for the highest evolution of your soul. I have done almost a decade of physical, emotional, energetic + spiritual work and after only one session with Nicki, I was able to peel back another layer of imposter syndrome that has been holding me back in my life. I can’t recommend Nicki enough to anyone who is even slightly curious about energetic work and taking their healing journey into their own hands - JJ
Nicki's power and softness in connection helped me to allow me to connect with people and things that are good to me instead of attracting people and things to learn from. Her softness helped to dissolve protecting barriers to connect.- RW
Nicki has the ability to see the highest version of everyone and uses her divine energy to manifest that vision into reality. This really transformed my life. I'm one of those people that have tried everything but nothing worked. Since working with Nicki, I've experienced increasing levels of confidence, positivity, clarity, productivity, and health. Nicki's group healings gave me a breakthrough every week, helping me to finally let go of old, deep pains that I knew were from outdated perspectives that I thought I was trapped in. I was finally able to forgive and let go and be free. - BA
I was struggling to feel passion in my relationship and felt that my partner was not masculine enough. Nicki helped me see that I was unfulfilled in my own life and when I took time to nurture my own passions, the passion in the relationship returned! I cannot recommend Nicki enough. -AC
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