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Client Testimonials

"Let me start by saying, Nicki is a GEM in this world who genuinely cares and wants the best for the highest evolution of your soul. I have done almost a decade of physical, emotional, energetic + spiritual work and after only one session with Nicki, I was able to peel back another layer of imposter syndrome that has been holding me back in my business + life. I can’t recommend Nicki enough to anyone who is even slightly curious about energetic work and taking their healing journey into their own hands" - JJ
"Nicki is the most beautiful, gentle, sweet person and soul I have ever met. She has this gentle way about her but sleeping under the surface is this force, such a powerful force that when awakened and used, it energetically blows you into another dimension. I have worked with many coaches and energetic healers over the years but I have never felt anything as energetically powerful with what I felt from Nicki. Even though we started working on light language, as soon as she started working on removing any blocks I had and bringing in her team it was amazing and it's been life changing for me!! She has a gift of being able to bring the divine's energy and focus that through someone and then directly connect them to Mother Earth. I have never met anyone who can actually channel energy to do that! Her energetic healing work just blasts through and away anything that needs cleared!! - HD
Nicki, you are one of the most powerful healers I have ever worked with and I have worked with some of the best in the world! -RW
I have been the happiest i've ever been in a really long time. I wanted to choose better choices for my health and the other day I went to the grocery store, I didn't even pick up the junk food I usually do. -RE
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