Maya Kova

Maya is a Sensuality & Love Coach based in NYC. She works with both couples and women to offer support in creating secure love dynamics, balancing masculine-feminine polarity, and clearing blocks around self-expression to fulfill desires and needs.

Maya has been studying conscious relation for 18 years. She combines her knowledge in Tantra and D/S with Positive Psychology to strengthen the mind-body connection and create a permanent behavioral shift.

Maya has led over 100 online and in person events. She is a certified Tantra Speed® Date facilitator and a lead coach for “The 90-Day Relationship Experiment™. She runs her signature program for women LOVE GODDESS to create secure lovership.

Maya’s credo is “Live your power, not your pattern.” She believes a person can change any behavioral pattern or dynamic through somatic practices and personal intention to live a fully fulfilled epic love story.

Natalia Heart

Natalia Heart is a women dating and relationship coach and speaker. Natalia’s story is especially captivating for women because it’s one of Epic Love that most women only dream of!

Professionally, her success with high-value women in more than 6 countries around the world is truly unprecedented!

As a coach and mentor, Natalia confidently leads her clients to remove what’s holding them back; guides them in building and nurturing healthy, loving, and long-lasting intimate relationships; and offers both caring support and fierce accountability for her clients in their journey to the romance of their dreams!

Naomi Gale

Naomi Gale, vaginologist (reading the vagina), birthkeeper and photographer. She is a nervous system-led, focused pelvic care specialist here to guide souls back into their bodies, connecting them back to themselves and the great mother so they can bloom into all that they are.

Holding people exactly where they are as they continue to find safety within is where the magic happens with the people she works with. She has worked with hundreds of beings focussing on their wombs, vaginas and vulvas. From getting sticky with it on all things discharge through their cycle to removing the pain holding them back from penetrative sex to connecting in with their bodies in a way they have never experienced before with breath and womb-focused work.

As a former classroom-based teacher, Naomi teaches with ease making everything accessible, believing and preaching about the importance of us learning and taking the guidance so we can implement the tools in our own lives. For like…ever. There’s no going back once you KNOW, ya know?

Naomi is likely the one to bring you home deeply into your body. She’ll transform your relationship with yourself and others. Guide you into a loving life once again. She’ll land you back into the best sex (likely of your life). You’ll experience less pain. Find yourself releasing held wounds. Or she’ll hold you through your birth and post-natally in a way you should always have been held.

And if you have questioned if you are broken- she’ll show you that you were never and will never be broken.

If you are ready to re-establish a deep connection with yourself or be held through your transition into motherhood. Then welcome darling, soul.