Zeeba Khan

Zeeba is an internationally renowned Ayurvedic clinician, meditation teacher, energy healer and motivational speaker who uses holistic treatment to restore her patients’ mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and to prevent disease and disorders. In particular, she focuses on healing trauma, which often leads to anxiety, depression, feelings of loss, and low self-esteem.

She has presented month-long workshops to corporate clients, including some well-known global leaders. She has also led meditation and yoga workshops at schools internationally to incorporate wellness education into their curriculum. She has explored different types of non-religious and religion-based meditations and uses them as part of her treatments.

She is also a leading practitioner with Mindvalley’s Soulvana, a global healing and meditation collective, where her meditations and podcast have helped many people around the world. In 2020, she was honored by an invitation to be part of a live interactive session hosted by His Holiness The Dalai Lama on the topic of integrated healthcare and compassion.

Zeeba was raised mainly in the United States but comes from a mixed heritage background. Her early career spanned modelling, acting, television, radio, and journalism before she entered academia and became a Professor in Communications to teach and research religious harmony across various interpersonal, organizational, and intercultural contexts.

Zeeba is trained and certified in the Ayurveda Sciences at Union Yoga Ayurveda, affiliated with Atreya Ayurvedic Medical College and the Indian Institute of Patanjali Yoga, associated with Swami Paramahansa Samsthana, and a registered member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, USA.

Gabrielle Spencer​

I specialize in the transformative art of quantum healing for the emotional, heart, mind, and soul aspects of an individual to guide and support individuals in achieving their Divine Alignment, enabling them to create unparalleled success and abundance in all areas of life. I believe that true prosperity is achieved when all aspects of one’s being are in balance, avoiding burnout, fatigue, and exhaustion. By attaining a state of divine flow, you open yourself up to aligning with opportunities and unlocking your fullest potential, thus manifesting a life and business filled with lasting success and abundance.

Dr. Lisa Thompson

Dr. Lisa Thompson is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Galactic Ambassador and Channeler, and Intuitive Transformational Coach, specializing in Quantum Cosmic Energy Healing, Human Design, Past/Parallel Life Regression and Sound Healing. She supports and empowers people to intentionally design their best life by living from their yes. She is an Evolutionary Biologist who understands the embodiment of the ancient DNA within humans and guides them in the intergalactic realm.

Lisa is the best-selling author of “Wisdom of the Galactics: Channeled Messages to Elevate Your Life,” “Connection to the Cosmos: Remembering Your Galactic Heritage and Embracing Your Oneness,” “Sacred Soul Love: Manifesting True Love and Happiness by Revealing and Healing Blockages and Limitations” and “Sacred Soul Spaces: Designing Your Personal Oasis.”

Lisa has a weekly podcast called Connection to the Cosmos with Dr. Lisa Thompson where she has out of this world conversations with extraordinary people. She has created nine Oracle Decks and designs intentional jewelry inspired by her passion of travel and nature. She loves teaching online classes and leads retreats in her home state of Hawaii. She also leads night sky watch UFO Tours on the Big Island of Hawaii. For more information, visit and