Aiswarya S G

Aiswarya’s journey into the realm of healing began at a young age, as she embarked on a path of spiritual exploration and discovery. Immersed in the practice of Kundalini meditation from the tender age of 14, she visited ashrams every year in India, where she deepened her understanding under the guidance of her father, a revered master 

Kundalini practitioner. These formative experiences served as the bedrock of her spiritual journey, shaping her approach to healing and guiding others along their paths. 

For over 15 years, Aiswarya has served as a dedicated Kundalini meditation practitioner in London, facilitating both group sessions and private consultations. It was during a transformative plant medicine journey that she experienced a profound awakening, gaining clarity on her soul’s purpose and divine gifts. This pivotal moment ignited her mission to guide others on their own paths of soul-discovery and healing. 

With a grandfather who was a respected medical medium and healer in South India, she carries forward a legacy of spiritual wisdom and healing practices. Aiswarya underwent two years of training in mediumship. While she doesn’t identify as a traditional medium, she possesses the unique ability to connect with her ancestors and those of her clients. 

From the synthesis of these diverse experiences and teachings, Aiswarya birthed the Soul Light Activation Method—a transformative approach to healing throughout all the layers of the body. Central to her mission is the activation of the master healer within each individual, facilitating a shift towards a new paradigm of healing rooted in the recognition of the innate power of Source. 

As a teacher, guide, and mystic, Aiswarya channels the healing power of sound frequencies through her singing, fostering ascension and harmony on both personal and planetary levels. With unwavering dedication, she continues to illuminate the path for others, empowering them to embrace their true essence and step into their roles as healers and catalysts for positive change.

Amelia Fortes

Amelia Fortes, C. Ht. is a former Wall Street financial analyst who traded in her fancy office and masculine power suits for the sweet life of a feminine genius. She founded the company Self Love Story to help teach women the art of being blissfully feminine to achieve their deepest desires. Her greatest passion is showing you how to love yourself at a deeper level and make self care a priority.

As a love & relationship expert, she uses her intuition and loving guidance to help frustrated women feel free and delicious in their romantic life.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, if you seek more romance or intimacy, Amelia can help you get there. She has traveled the world speaking on many stages and her workshops are a spontaneous adventure and transformational journey, to say the least. She also hosts a free self-love community on Facebook (free video trainings and healing sessions) as well as a weekly podcast called Courageous Self Love. She can’t wait for you to come in, sit down, and enjoy the ride! Check out Amelia’s work at

Alana McKenzie Page

As a Dating Coach, Alana guides women to tap into their feminine essence, and become the date he calls back, wants to see over and over, and commit to. She is the author of the bestselling book, The Art of Feminine Seduction.