Nicki Hu

Nicki Hu is an Energy healer and Ascension Guide. She helps people align to their dharmic path through healing their energetic blocks. 

Nicki offers an exclusive 1-1 program called the Relationship Mastery Program that supports women in healing emotional wounds and creating a loving relationship with themselves to become an energetic match for fulfilling relationships in their personal and professional life. 

Nicki has a unique gift for helping her clients be in heart and soul alignment through healing. From this space, her clients naturally transition into their path of purpose. Nicki’s journey was always about following her own heart’s guidance above the expectations of her family. She noticed that many limiting beliefs and energetic blocks prevented her from having the courage to take the proper actions to make her dreams a reality. Healing and releasing energetic influences from childhood, past lives, and ancestral lineages allowed for a smooth effortless transition as she fully stepped into her purpose as a healer.

Today, Nicki supports people who are ready to transition and live their dharmic path in life. Through healing and energy work, she raises you to a higher vibrational state, remove energy blocks and limiting beliefs, and strengthens your connection to your heart for a seamless transition into their path of purpose and relationship.

Kellita Maloof

For 20+ years, Kellita Maloof has been working and creating at the intersection of burlesque, attachment, individuation, somatics, metaphysics and soul retrieval. She’s a Performing and Teaching Artist, Conscious Burlesque Mentor and Emergence Coach.

Highlights in Kellita’s performing career include: founding award-winning troupe Hot Pink Feathers, Queen of Carnaval San Francisco 2008 and 5-time finalist at the Burlesque Hall of Fame. She’s taught and performed from San Francisco to New Orleans, Hollywood to Montreal and Paris to Tokyo.

Kellita helps kind, smart, soulful, highly sensitive women who’ve been over-editing and over-adapting and are drawn to – even if intimidated by – creative expression such as dance and improv to trust and express themselves with confidence, presence and radiance. She integrates into her work over a decade of practice with Transformational NLP, EFT, Systemic Constellations and Interpersonal Neurobiology.

Kellita shares her methodology in her book How To Create A Burlesque Solo … From The Inside Out and her point of view in her TEDx talkThe power of being SEEN: Burlesque as a way home to yourself. Her mission is to support folks in dusting off the fountain of Self-Love that was hiding right in the center of their very own shimmy.

Alison Armstrong

Alison Armstrong’s exploration of human behavior began in 1991 with a decision to find out what brings out the best and worst in men. This naturally led to studying women’s behavior and making vital connections between the two. While fulfilling our need to understand “Why” people behave as they do, Alison offers practical, partnership-based alternatives to what we’re instinctively compelled to do. She (continues to give) gives millions of people access to more fulfilling lives, loving relationships, stronger families and productive organizations. Her live events, online curriculum, latest webinars and free offerings are available at

Suzanna Kennedy

Suzanna Kennedy is a dynamic Ascension Coach and the visionary behind Reality Crafting 5.0, a pioneering consciousness technology that merges quantum physics with spiritual wisdom. With her foundation in Instructional and Performance Technology, Suzanna transitioned from a conventional career in corporate America to a spiritually fulfilling path of enlightenment and empowerment. Her journey of self-discovery led to the development of the Emotional Mental Deprogramming System and the advanced Reality Crafting 5.0, empowering tools for individuals to transcend limitations and align with their highest truth.

Suzanna’s mission extends beyond personal transformation; she aims to guide humanity and Gaia towards a new paradigm of unity, love, and abundance. Her work, characterized by a deep commitment to facilitating others’ spiritual awakenings, makes her an ideal guest for podcasts focused on personal growth, spirituality, and conscious living. With a Master of Science in Instructional and Performance Technology, Suzanna combines scientific rigor with spiritual intuition, offering a holistic approach to ascension that resonates with a wide audience. Her engaging storytelling and practical wisdom make her a compelling voice in discussions about the collective journey to a New Paradise Earth.