Nicki Hu

Nicki Hu is a multi-dimensional healer, channel, and spiritual mentor for New Earth Leaders. Nicki supports conscious leaders through healing, teaching, and activations to experience inner wholeness and spiritual self mastery so you can step into an illuminated life and serve from a place that is truly authentic to you. Nicki works closely with the Seraphim Angels, Kian Yin, and the Aucturians, and other Higher dimensional beings to support you in rasing your vibration and alignment to your highest timeline.

The Energetic Frequency of New World Wealth

Gabrielle Spencer

I am a gifted multi-dimensional channel and quantum frequency healer with a unique ability to connect with your Highest Self. My purpose is to assist you in clearing past, present, and future life issues while providing you with the universal knowledge, understanding, and activations necessary to propel you along your highest divine path. Working closely with Mother Mary and the Golden Beings of Light from the 12D Great Central Sun, I offer a new system for deep healing, raising your vibration, and achieving Divine Alignment. My focus is on helping you rapidly progress towards creating a fulfilling life, embracing your mission and purpose, and becoming a co-creator of your reality.


Addison Ames

Addison Ames is an internationally respected thought leader, life guide, and motivational coach. Addison blends intuitive, awakened insight with practical, real-world solutions. He shares deep knowledge and wisdom that helps people through life’s changes, challenges, and opportunities. Addison helps people improve life and understand themselves and the world around them in valuable ways. He also helps forward-thinking businesses and business leaders succeed by embracing innovative and enlightened ideas. Addison’s approach is rooted in empowerment, encouragement, and motivation. Working with Addison can be highly beneficial at any stage of personal growth and spiritual development, from self-help and healing to overcoming advanced and complex life situations.